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            時間:2020:08:22 14:41:00來源:佛山翻譯公司點擊:

              1 C&F(cost&freight)成本加運費價

              2 T/T(telegraphic transfer)電匯

              3 D/P(document against payment)付款交單

              4 D/A (document against acceptance)承兌交單

              5 C.O (certificate of origin)一般原產地證

              6 G.S.P.(generalized system of preferences)普惠制

              7 CTN/CTNS(carton/cartons)紙箱

              8 PCE/PCS(piece/pieces)只、個、支等

              9 DL/DLS(dollar/dollars)美元

              10 DOZ/DZ(dozen)一打

              11 PKG(package)一包,一捆,一扎,一件等

              12 WT(weight)重量

              13 G.W.(gross weight)毛重

              14 N.W.(net weight)凈重

              15 C/D (customs declaration)報關單

              16 EA(each)每個,各

              17 W (with)具有

              18 w/o(without)沒有

              19 FAC(facsimile)傳真

              20 IMP(import)進口

              21 EXP(export)出口

              22 MAX (maximum)最大的、最大限度的

              23 MIN (minimum)最小的,最低限度

              24 M 或MED (medium)中等,中級的

              25 M/V(merchant vessel)商船

              26 S.S(steamship)船運

              27 MT或M/T(metric ton)公噸

              28 DOC (document)文件、單據

              29 INT(international)國際的

              30 P/L (packing list)裝箱單、明細表

              31 INV (invoice)發票

              32 PCT (percent)百分比

              33 REF (reference)參考、查價

              34 EMS (express mail special)特快傳遞

              35 STL.(style)式樣、款式、類型

              36 T或LTX或TX(telex)電傳

              37 RMB(renminbi)人民幣

              38 S/M (shipping marks)裝船標記

              39 PR或PRC(price) 價格

              40 PUR (purchase)購買、購貨

              41 S/C(sales contract)銷售確認書

              42 L/C (letter of credit)信用證

              43 B/L (bill of lading)提單

              44 FOB (free on board)離岸價

              45 CIF (cost,insurance&freight)成本、保險加運費價

              合 同 CONTRACT

              日期:合同號碼:Date: Contract No.:

              買 方:(The Buyers) 賣方:(The Sellers)


              This contract is made by and between the Buyers and the Sellers; whereby the Buyers agree to buy and the Sellers agree to sell the under-mentioned goods subject to the terms and conditions as stipulated hereinafter:

              (1) 商品名稱: Name of Commodity:

              (2) 數 量:Quantity: (3) 單 價:Unit price:

              (4) 總 值:Total Value: (5) 包 裝:Packing:

              (6) 生產國別:Country of Origin :

              (7) 支付條款:Terms of Payment: (8) 保 險:insurance:

              (9) 裝運期限:Time of Shipment: (10) 起 運 港:Port of Lading:

              (11) 目 的 港 Port of Destination:


              Claims: Within 45 days after the arrival of the goods at the destination, should the quality, Specifications or quantity be found not in conformity with the stipulations of the contract except those claims for which the insurance company or the owners of the vessel are liable, the Buyers shall, have the right on the strength of the inspection certificate issued by the C.C.I.C and the relative documents to claim for compensation to the Sellers


              Force Majeure : The sellers shall not be held responsible for the delay inshipment or non-deli-very of the goods due to Force Majeure, which might occur during the process of manufacturing or in the course of loading or transit. The sellers shall advise the Buyers immediately of the occurrence mentioned above the within fourteen days there after . the Sellers shall send by airmail to the Buyers for their acceptancea certificate of the accident. Under such circumstances the Sellers, however, are still under the obligation to take all necessary measures to hasten the deliveryof the goods.


              Arbitration : All disputes in connection with the execution of this Contract shall be settled friendly through negotiation. in case no settlement can be reached, the case then may be submitted for arbitration to the Arbitration Commission of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade in accordance with the Provisional Rules of Procedure promulgated by the said Arbitration Commission . the Arbitration committee shall be final and binding upon both parties. and the Arbitration fee shall be borne by the losing parties.

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