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            中國重要時政術語英譯報告(2019年度)- 脫貧攻堅
            時間:2020:08:13 17:14:00來源:佛山翻譯公司點擊:

              脫貧攻堅 Poverty Alleviation

              1. 建立解決相對貧困的長效機制

              to establish long-term mechanisms for eradicating relative poverty

              2. 對口幫扶,先富幫后富

              paired-up assistance, and those who have become better-off help those still lagging behind

              3. 發揮基層黨組織帶領群眾脫貧致富的戰斗堡壘作用

              Local Party organizations should play a crucial role in leading the residents out of poverty and toward prosperity.

              4. 深化扶貧領域腐敗和作風問題專項治理

              to make greater efforts in the fight against corruption and misconduct inpoverty alleviation

              5. 摘帽不摘政策

              to continue poverty alleviation policy support for counties that have been removed from the poverty list

              6. “扶真貧、真扶貧”

              to help those in need and deliver genuine assistance

              7. “四個問題”(“扶持誰、誰來扶、怎么扶、如何退”)

              four key issues in poverty alleviation – who needs help, who provides help, how to help, and how to be removed from the poverty list

              8. 解決區域性整體貧困

              to eliminate regional poverty

              9. “五級書記”抓扶貧

              CPC secretaries at five levels are all responsible for poverty alleviation.

              10. 發展生產脫貧

              to eliminate poverty through developing the local economy

              11. 易地搬遷脫貧

              relocation of rural poor for poverty alleviation

              12. 生態補償脫貧

              to compensate impoverished residents for eco-environmental protection

              13. 發展教育脫貧

              poverty elimination through education

              14. 社會保障兜底

              to provide subsistence allowances to the poor to meet their basic needs

              15. 扶貧工作務實、脫貧過程扎實、脫貧結果真實

              to make concrete and solid efforts in poverty alleviation for practical results

              16. 不摘責任、不摘政策、不摘幫扶、不摘監管

              Poverty alleviation duties, policies, assistance, and oversight will continue after poor counties are removed from the poverty list.

              17. 東西部扶貧協作

              paired-up assistance between the east and the west

              18. 把基層減負各項決策落到實處

              to implement policy decisions designed to ease the burdens at the community level

              19. 深度貧困地區三區三州

              the most impoverished three regions and three prefectures: The “three regions” are Tibet, the Tibetan ethnic areas of Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu and Qinghai provinces, and the four prefectures in southern Xinjiang (Hotan, Aksu, Kashi and Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture); the “three prefectures” are the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan and Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Gansu.

              20. 做好革命老區、中央蘇區脫貧奔小康工作

              to help old revolutionary base areas and former central Soviet area seliminate poverty and achieve moderate prosperity

              21. 發揚滴水穿石精神

              to carry forward the spirit of “constant dripping water wearing away astone”

              to work with patience and perseverance

              22. 走好鄉村振興之路

              to take solid steps in rural vitalization

              23. 持續鞏固脫貧成果,積極建設美好家園

              to consolidate the progress in poverty alleviationand build a better home

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